Sport Products data of events, clubs and training areas

Analyse the market and measure the ROI of sponsorship in sporting events through trustful data on the participant’s usage of sports equipment

What do our customers say

“The detail in the information and the segmentation by groups and models offered by Countop are important indicators on the use made by consumers of our product”

Daniel Sheidgen


“We need to understand the Mizuno sneakers users profile. Countop’s reports provide key data to make decisions beyond hunchs. It is also important info for the commercial team”

Josep María Aparicio


“Through Countop we are able to quantify the presence of ASICS in key events. We can see the sneakers used by marathoners. This is objective data that help us in our strategic decisions”

Gustavo Oliva


“Thanks to Countop’s reports, we know how our brand is positioned in our target market. In addition, we obtain data on the purchasing behavior of our consumer type

Mauri Carrió


All the apparel and product data from events, 

tournaments, races, clubs and training areas


Benchmark your products against other brands


Understand your customer. What kind of athlete he is and how he uses your products

Data / insights

New real data that shows the market's reality and its evolution


Report your needs / milestones as never before to other departments. Easy, fast and effective

They already use it

Participants by brand

Know the total number of participants that use each brand in the race/tournament.

Gender segmentation

Total number of participants using each brand in the test. Segmented by gender and performance. 

Performance segmentation

Brand classification according to the results of the athletes that use them. Performance criteria vary by sport

Competitors comparison

Measure your positioning compared to your competitors, according to the type of runner and their performance 

Any data you need

Add deep detail data such as sneaker models segmentation for each brand / Bike parts (brakes, frames, forks…) / all kinds of cross data combinations

Why Countop



We are a trusted third party that does not fake or make up the results of the studies


Historical data

We have the data of some sports events in previous years. Thus, the study will be more complete.



We know what we are doing. We are specialists trained in sports equipment. We do not work with “volunteers”


Fast and global

We work in any sports event in the world. We deliver the study results within a few days

Some sports events in which we have worked

Which equipment do we work with

Anything that can be counted, except nutrition products.


We have different prices depending on the characteristics of the report and data.


Contact us and get your rates within 48h


Whether it’s running, cycling, swimming, or any other sport, we have the answer – and the data




any other…

Save time and blind decisions

Quantitative data and expert analyst insights married together to give you actions for now and the future.

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